Eigerness: United In Diversity

What started with a workshop on wellness tourism turned into an association for the promotion of the many more exquisite things that Grindelwald has to offer. Very clearly, “Eigerness” stands for more than just wellness.

“What does wellness tourism really comprise?” the members of Grindelwald’s hotelier association asked themselves in 2005. Together, they then developed and defined the term “Eigerness” and founded an association that grew to more than 100 members today – people who work in farming, tourism or run small enterprises. The “Eigerness” label became a seal of quality for all things exclusive and unique to Grindelwald, and that is much more than saunas, massages and spa worlds.



The participating people and enterprises are divided into five different categories: wellness, fine food, culture & tradition, activities and sustainability. Co-operations between the members of these categories lead to unique experiences for guests, be they a relaxing bath in petals, culinary delights from the region, locally manufactured products or informative events on climate change or glacial recession.


Besides these guest-oriented activities, the association also puts much effort into connecting its members with each other in order to generate synergies for all. It also aims to promote awareness for the uniqueness of Grindelwald among both its members and guests. So many people in Grindelwald – farmers, hoteliers or the farmer/carpenter who makes exclusive sledges – are doing a fantastic job and can now benefit from each other. By using local produce, for example, a hotelier creates added value for his guests and supports local farmers and producers at the same time. Or, as legendary hockey player Beat Cattaruzzo once put it during an Eigerness workshop, “Yes, every player is an individualist. But on the ice, in a match, we all aim for the same goal and work together.”


Text: Matthias Köb // friendship.is
Photos: Ian Ehm // friendship.is
Source: bestofthealps.com