Agrifood & Tourism

As a result of the project week carried out by Bern University of Applied Sciences in February 2017, the idea arose in March 2017 of launching a major joint project led by the Grindelwald Tourist Office and der Bern University of Applied Sciences entitled «Agrifood & Tourism».

While the initial situation in February 2017 was an investigation of the «Situation of Eiger milk and Eigerness from the farmers’ point of view», the potential associated with the topic of the «needs and willingness of tourists to pay for local foods» had already been touched on as a topic in that context.

Feasible results, events and digital apps that will open up a new guest segment, the foodies, will show just how much potential there is in the Agrifood & Tourism project, which will run for the next 3 years.

The project group officially began its work in June 2017; SECO and BECO have pledged to fund the project

Project partners:
Grindelwald Tourist Office
Eigerness Association
Eigermilch Grindelwald AG
Bern University of Applied Sciences – School of Agricultural, Forest and Food Sciences