Alpenglow theatre project

Summer 2019 performances

The idea of staging (open-air) theatre in Grindelwald had been around for a number of years. The governing body of the Eigerness Association has been working specifically on this project since 2015.

Speedy Füllemann, who himself was an actor at the open-air theatre in Ballenberg and in various film projects, was the driving force behind this work.

Initial talks were held in the summer of 2015 with the decision-makers from the Matterhorn Theatre / Daniel Luggen from the Zermatt Tourist Office and Matthias Blum, the Managing Director of Freilichtspiele Zermatt GmbH.

In early 2016, we sat down together for 2 intense days of brainstorming and discussions of the project. We distilled our ideas and plans for a theatre project into a concept, which was then honed and refined in a further exchange with the “decision makers” from the “Dürrenmatt am Tatort” (Dürrenmatt at the scene of the crime) theatre project in Biel/Bienne.

Inspired and encouraged by the cooperation with Beat Cattaruzza and Jürg Fankhauser, we then founded the “Verein Jungfrau Theater” (Virgin Theatre Club) in November 2016.

We finally put the project into concrete terms in 2017: the play, entitled “Alpenglow”, would deal with the topic of 200 years of tourism and alpinism in Grindelwald and would be staged in 2019. Our project work consisted of clarifying the venue, close cooperation with the director and author Jürg Fankhauser and holding informational events about the project in addition to forming an executive board.

Members of the Eigerness governing body are also on the executive board of the Virgin Theatre Club and support this unique and sustainable production with the Eigerness idea and know-how

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