With your financial support, you can help maintain a network in Grindelwald that is sustainable, personal and promotes community, thus allowing the development of new and exciting “Original Grindelwald” projects that benefit the valley.

By making a contribution, you can help create a sound basis for a unique platform for cooperation between business, agriculture and tourism that is of great importance for the village, and by doing so actively support the work on innovative ideas aimed at further strengthening the “Original Grindelwald” label.

Take advantage of this opportunity to become a patron in the Eigerness Association and ensure the long-term future of our glacier village in a sustainable, personal and community-promoting way.

All of our patrons will be listed here with details of their contribution on request.


Patron list

Grindelwald Tourismus
CH-3818 Grindelwald

Value CHF 3500.- (Patron)

Verein Wir Grindelwalder
3818 Grindelwald

Value CHF 1000.- (Patron)

Eigermilch Grindelwald AG
3818 Grindelwald

Value CHF 550.- (Club member and Patron)

Grindelwald Bus / Autoverkehr Grindelwald AG
Grund 10
CH-3818 Grindelwald

Value CHF 500.- (Club member and Patron)

Gondelbahn Grindelwald-Männlichen
Grundstrasse 54
3818 Grindelwald

Value CHF 500.- (Club member and Patron)

Club der Ehrengäste
3818 Grindelwald

Value CHF 500.- (Patron)

Metzgerei Hans Boss
Dorfstrasse 123
3818 Grindelwald

Value CHF 450.- (Club member and Patron)

Holzwärme Grindelwald AG
Endweg 75
3818 Grindelwald

Value CHF 300.- (Club member and Patron)



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